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Remember when insurance costs went through the roof, and Councils found it easier to close playgrounds than pay increased insurance premiums? remember when shopping centres closed because their owners could not get public liability cover? the reason? Greedy lawyers, and the law had to change to stop ambulance chasing.

Fortunately divorce rates were going up, so lawyers had a great growing market. In 2013 they sell their very costly services at costs of around $400 an hour to the very vulnerable - emotionally damaged folk surviving broken relationships, often with traumatised kids. In the fight betwen estranged husband and wife, now your lawyer is the winner. The manufacture of litigation is something lawyers just do to keep busy. If young lawyers cannot find jobs for themselves, they simply invent them. Twenty-two years ago when I became a lawyer, Victoria had around 4300 practising lawyers and two law schools. Next month alone will see another 275 lawyers added to the ranks from seven law schools Deakin, Vic Uni, the Catholic Uni and La Trobe have joined Monash and Melbourne, and Melbourne Monash and RMIT offers a private, full-fee Juris Doctor course at only $75 000 over two years for the highly motivated.

On this page and in our blog we give you advice on saving money by doing it yourself. Some of it's free, some of it we sell. Go to the free stuff. Our paid downloads include sample affidavits for just about everything- child custody, maintenance, visiting rights, variations, costs.