Monthly Archives: February 2014

How you feel about your divorce…

I suggested to one of the site’s users that she could write a book about her family law experiences for the benefit of other users…

and she wrote back…

I can’t write the book until I know how the story ends -

Currently its just a series of tragic historic Diary comments written during a broken marriage whilst raising an autistic child; and now it’s a rather extensive saved volume of scathing evidential texts and emails.

This is coupled with some crazy adventures, numerous travel

stories, living overseas, working in commercial leasing, headhunting and now boring valuation – whilst being followed everywhere by dragonflies, and smiling way too much more recently (when circumstances suggest I really should be crying) on the seat of my newly acquired motorbike.

Throw in a DIY legal kit (which includes legal Guidance from the guru elephant and some tips from a Kings Cross lawyer that represents homeless hookers); not to mention providing a complete guide to the child support galaxy including taking CSA to SSAT and SSAT to AAT and attending compulsory hearings post final court orders! There’s also recorded private phone conversations from Barristers and Tribunal heads providing proof in case I was making it up! Also a recording of my ex husband promising to settle and pay for the boys if only I will agree to a attend a weekly marriage Counselling session with him and go on a weekly “Date night”. This I declined and all those fine dining opportunities….

Yeh …….there’s a book in this but it sounds like it was written by thirteen different women!